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Priestess for Wild Mystic Women

Layla Saad is a writer, mentor & healer for women doing their soulwork and their soul's work.

Through her work, she helps women to more fully express and embody their Truth – both in their personal lives and their businesses. Layla’s work explores womanhood, spirituality, creativity, business, personal power and sacred activism.

Layla’s clients are women who crave a deeper connection to both their own soul and the soul of their business. She combines soulwork tools such as Divine Feminine archetypes, menstrual & lunar cycles, mystic poetry, tarot & oracle cards, ritual, shadowwork, sisterhood and energy healing, with her experience as a coach, writer and speaker to help women live and lead as the most powerful expression of their truest selves.

Layla is deeply devoted to Truth, the Heroine’s Journey, Divine Feminine spirituality, words as medicine and our individual and collective healing.

layla saad

Important Note: Wherever I use the words "Woman" or "Wild Mystic Woman" in my business, I am using an inclusive definition of woman and female. As an intersectional feminist I welcome all female-of-center identifying people along the gender spectrum (i.e. gender-queer, non binary, trans, etc.) as well as non-binary folx. In addition, all sexual orientations are welcome here in the Wild Mystic Woman Temple and in all of my work. Lastly, wherever I use the term "Divine Feminine", please note that I am not referring to gender assignment.

"Layla is a revolutionary, a visionary queen, and a breath of fresh air. Her approach to running a sacred business embodies feminine process without apology, while simultaneously making the creative mess of this approach seem manageable."

Lizzie rae rose -
energy healer, flower angel Therapist & divine feminine mentor

Layla's Medicine & Magick

Trained Life & Business Coach
Certified Health Coach
Certified Reiki I & II Practitioner
Experienced Corporate Trainer
Award Winning Public Speaker

Spiritual Writer & Poet
Intuitive Tarot Reader
Intuitive Ritualist
Podcast Host
Priestess In Training

Interviews & Guest Posts

"Layla Saad is the luminous embodiment of wisdom. For women like me who choose to live the wild-mystic way—with intention and true, soulful alignment with our deepest values—her sacred truth-telling offers life-giving sustenance."

hillary rain -
artist, writer & spiritual mentor

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