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Welcome to your Heroine's Journey.

you are poised at the edge of the spiral path.

The path of the Heroine.
The path of the Priestess.
The path of the Wild Mystic Woman.

In quiet moments, you have felt Her stirring within you.

Sending you little flashes of intuition and divine insight that an initiation is coming. She whispers to you that it is time to go on a journey.

Your Heroine's Journey.

A journey that will first take you downwards and inwards, to heal your shadow and reclaim your truth. And then lead you upwards and outwards, into your power as a teacher, mentor, healer and priestess of the soul.

You and your business are going through a wild mystic transformation.

You can feel it. Things are changing. Your business, brand and offerings no longer truly reflect who you are becoming. And yet it feels like you're stuck and confused because you don't yet know who you're becoming.

All you know is that you are ready to do the work of remembering and reclaiming. The work of expressing and embodying. The holy work of sovereignty.

You are ready to do your soulwork, so that you can do your soul's work.

And you deeply desire a sacred container and a spiritual business mentor who can guide you and your business through this spiral path of transformation.

The Wild Mystic Woman Mentorship is a 4-month spiritual & entrepreneurial container
for women who are rebirthing themselves and their business on the heroine's journey.

"There's an abundance of feel-good language out there. There are gurus, guides, coaches and mentors who will offer up all the right words, all the catchy phrases, the cutting-edge personal growth trends. Then there's Layla Saad. This woman goes tearing through the ground floor of your excuses, breaking through the cement and reaching for the deep underneath of you from word ONE. Her super power is revealing the sovereignty you've hidden from yourself. Get ready."

- Sarah La Rosa,

being a modern entrepreneur with an ancient soul can be really challenging.

So much of the information we receive about growing a successful business is catered to a patriarchal paradigm that over-values massive action, unwavering consistency and perfect form and undervalues divine insight, intuitive flow and authentic substance.

It is a paradigm that is exhausting for so many of us because it does not honour our wholeness. It teaches us the value of showing up and being seen, without simultaneously teaching us the power of going inwards and trusting the death-birth wisdom of our personal and business cycles.

But what if we could marry our action to our insight? Our consistency to our flow? Our form to our substance?

Inner and outer, working together in beautiful harmony.

It is my belief that when we do our inner soulwork of remembering, reclaiming and embodying, that we are truly able to do our outer soul's work of changing people's lives and healing the world in ways that feel truly nourishing - for us and our clients.

We are at a time where an evolution is taking place in the online business world. Many entrepreneurs are going through an awakening which is transforming how they show up in their businesses and how they do their sacred work.

I know that you feel this evolution taking place within you, too.

Your inner Wild Mystic Woman speaks to you now and invites you to initiate yourself and your business into this new paradigm of leadership.

She says: "Arise, Wild Mystic Woman. The time for your rebirth has come. The world is ready for your deep soul medicine."

As a spiritual business mentor and priestess of the soul, I am holding the container of this sacred mentorship to support you in rebirthing yourself and your business into a new level of presence and potency. 

The Wild Mystic Woman Mentorship is for women who are at the edge of their becoming.

As we journey together over 4 months, I will hold a strong centre for you to do your soulwork and your soul's work. This mentorship weaves together all of my medicine and magick, including spiritual guidance, sacred leadership teachings, soulful business strategy, intuitive readings, reiki energy healing, sisterhood, ritual and so much more.

Your Mentorship Includes:

Sisterhood Resources New (red).jpg

One 90-minute
Initiation Call

We begin our mentorship with an initiation call to open sacred space for our work together and set the intentions for your journey. We will explore your spiritual & entrepreneurial path to date, and plant the seeds of what you desire to experience and embody in your personal life and your business.

One wild mystic
Business Reading

During our time together, you will also receive a deep-dive intuitive business reading. The Soul Of Your Business Reading includes an extensive 14-card spread and PDF report to explore the energy of your business. 

eight 3-Card
intuitive Readings

Included in each mentoring call is a 3-card tarot or oracle card spread to provide intuitive guidance for what you most need to know for your Heroine's Journey. You can use this spread each time we meet to answer any questions that are on your heart, or tune into what your soul most wants you to know.

customised wild mystic Rituals
& spiritual business Practices

Each month I will help you design your own wild mystic rituals and practices for your business and your personal life. Examples include rituals for weekly business goal-setting, healing core wounds, working with menstrual & lunar cycles, honouring your energy needs, etc.

Seven 75-minute
Mentoring Calls

We will meet twice a month on Zoom for our mentorship. Our calls will be your sacred time to focus on the inner soulwork of your spiritual journey and the outer soul's work of your business journey. Your mentorship will be customised to focus on exactly what your need for your Heroine's Journey.

Release and Reclaim 2 (red).jpg

four Distance Reiki
Healing Sessions

Once a month you will receive a Distance Reiki energy healing session for yourself and your business. This mentorship will involve diving deep into your shadows so that you can release what is no longer working and reclaim your power. Reiki can provide great healing support your journey.

four Months Membership in
The Sovereign Sisterhood

All mentorship clients receive four months of free membership in my paid membership community - The Sovereign Sisterhood. The Sisterhood is a virtual temple community for modern mystics & wild women who crave sisterhood, support and guidance on the spiritual-entrepreneurial journey. 

Email Support
In Between Sessions

In between sessions I will be available to you for support through email during business hours. You are invited to email me to share new insights, your experiences with new rituals, any challenges you are coming up against and anything that you wish to be witnessed for on your journey.

The Wild Mystic Woman Mentorship is currently booked out and closed for enrolment until 2018.

If you would like us to contact you when enrolment re-opens at the end of this year, please click the button below and send a request through the Contact form to be added to the 2018 mentorship waitlist. If you are interested in a single session, please note that I am currently offering single 90-minute Truthwork Sessions for spiritual & business mentoring.

If you would like to learn more about these sessions, you can also send a message by clicking the button below
and we'll email you back with all the details. 

"Layla has helped me not only come home to the soul of my business, but to my highest self - and I can say with every bone in my body, that has been priceless. Because what Layla helps you with is how to get out of your head and into your heart and your body. She isn't the typical coach where it's all strategy and cognitive growth. She is heart-centered and soul-centered. I feel like most of our sessions I've walked away feeling as if I'd just worked with an intuitive guide for my business - leaving me more embodied and empowered to take the next steps with excitement and purpose (not out of obligation or "should's"). If you have the honor to work with Layla you are in a world of good fortune. Get ready to step into your power and do what you're meant to do!"

- McKenzie Zajonc,

"Layla is a revolutionary, a visionary queen, and a breath of fresh air. Her approach to running a sacred business embodies feminine process without apology, while simultaneously making the creative mess of this approach seem manageable. The energy she brings to her work is so full of love and integrity, that when you're around her, you're inspired to run your business and life in the same way. Layla embodies what she teaches, and I highly recommend her work to the wild, mystic woman seeking a sovereign life."

- Lizzie Rae Rose,

The Wild Mystic Woman Mentorship is here to:

  • Anchor a strong centre for you as you do the non-linear inner and outer work of transformation for yourself and your business
  • Re-connect you to your presence, power and potency as an emerging leader of the soul
  • Support you in unveiling your inner Wild Mystic Woman - she who lives and leads in her unapologetic truth
  • Bring you into communion with the energy and soul of your business, so that you can grow your business in ways that are soul-inspired, heart-centred and in devoted service to your kindred clients
  • Guide in defining for yourself how you would like to show up in your business through your marketing, branding and community building as well as in your paid offerings
  • Help you become more aware of your soul gifts, and more confident of your unique medicine and magick in your business
  • Help you navigate the descents and ascents of your Heroine's Journey with strength, courage and wisdom
  • Support you in exploring your role as a sacred activist and an agent for social justice
  • Support you through your death-rebirth cycles as you shed what is no longer working for you and reclaim your truth
  • Hold sacred space for you as you do the brutally beautiful soulwork of exploring, healing and integrating your shadow
  • Guide you in exploring your relationship with your soul, the Divine, goddess archetypes and your spiritual guides
  • Assist you in designing your own wild mystic rituals, spiritual business practices and ceremonies for the healing and activation of your power
  • Help you initiate yourself as a Word Witch - She who uses words as medicine for her own individual healing and the healing of the collective
  • Guide you in the mysteries of working with your menstrual cycle, the lunar cycle and the cycles of your life
  • Empower you to develop your intuition and your ability to source your best guidance from within
  • Support you in honouring your energy as an introvert, empath or Highly Sensitive Person in your personal life and your business

The Wild Mystic Woman Mentorship is currently booked out and closed for enrolment until 2018.

If you would like us to contact you when enrolment re-opens at the end of this year, please click the button below and send a request through the Contact form to be added to the 2018 mentorship waitlist. If you are interested in a single session, please note that I am currently offering single 90-minute Truthwork Sessions for spiritual & business mentoring.

If you would like to learn more about these sessions, you can also send a message by clicking the button below
and we'll email you back with all the details. 

"Out of this world and deeply transformational - that's how I'd describe my journey with Layla. Being pretty self-aware, I've had mixed success with coaches in the past and had heard a lot of the same old same old messages before. I was not looking for someone to 'call me on my bullshit' or 'give me a loving smackdown', then pull out an exercise or advice from their bag of tricks. I needed someone who would get it, talk to me woman to woman, and not patronise me with the latest buzzy phrases and pseudo-soulful business coaching. Well, my God, did Layla bring it. Layla saw right into me, spoke to me in a truthful, real, down-to-earth manner, and pressed me to go deeper into questions I'd been avoiding. The growth I experienced in that time wasn't always comfortable, but it was worth it and it was what I was looking for. You could not ask for a smarter, more switched on, dedicated coach than Layla. She is thoughtful, nurturing and hilarious! I've now got solid belief in myself, as Layla helped me overcome online opinion overload and get back to being me in my business - a sovereign decision-maker and leader. I can't recommend her work highly enough."

- Kris Emery,

"Layla is a beautiful gentle soul. She embodies allowing, non-resistance and radical self acceptance with unconditional compassion for herself and others. She has taught me to go with the current, go within and listen, and let my inner guidance be the way and the destination. She has embodied for me the journey of a woman reclaiming her sovereignty. She came into my life at the right time and I am so grateful for her."

- Fawzia Aldjazair,

“Layla is incredible at finding that fire inside of you that you didn't even realise you held - and motivating and inspiring you to achieve what you may otherwise only dream about. Whatever the complexities or fears are that I hold, Layla sees straight into my soul and understands exactly what I want to do and why I feel the need to do it. Her advice is always tailored perfectly to what I need to hear at any time, giving me total clarity and confidence on the next moves to make. I couldn't ask for anything better!”

- Rachel Shillcock,

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is this mentorship for?

This mentorship is for women entrepreneurs who are on the Heroine's Journey of coming back home to themselves and the soul of their business. It is for women who sense that a change is taking place within them and their business, and they are looking for a wild mystic mentor and guide who can support them in doing both their inner soulwork and outer soul's work. It also for women who understand that this work is both deep and intense. It is not surface-level. It is not a quick fix. It does not provide easy or straight-forward answers. This work is truthwork. It is about getting to the depths of your soul and the soul of your business, and helping you to birth both yourself and your business in powerful ways. 

This type of soulwork is not always comfortable or quick or neatly laid out for you to follow like a good girl. This is women's work. It is the work of reclamation and rebirthing. It is the work of meeting, healing and integrating your shadow. It is the work of owning, declaring and shining your light.

It is deep and intense.
And it is so worth it.

This mentorship is for women who are ready to do this work.

2. Is this mentorship for entrepreneurs only?

Yes, this mentorship is for women who run their own business, as it combines both spiritual and entrepreneurial work.

3. Is this mentorship for women only?

Wherever I use the words "Woman" or "Wild Mystic Woman" in my business, I am using an inclusive definition of woman and female. As an intersectional feminist I welcome all female-of-center identifying people along the gender spectrum (i.e. gender-queer, non binary, trans, etc.) as well as non-binary folx. In addition, all sexual orientations are welcome here in the Wild Mystic Woman Temple and in all of my work. Lastly, wherever I use the term "Divine Feminine", please note that I am not referring to gender assignment.

4. What do you mean by 'soulwork' and 'soul's work'?

Soulwork refers to your inner work. The work of going inwards and surrendering to the mystery of what wants to come forward. Soulwork includes inner exploration, energy healing, shadowworking, surrendering, processing dark emotions like grief and rage, mindfulness, dreamwork and working with spiritual guides and ascended masters. Soulwork is also the work of remembering and reclamation. Diving deep beyond the layers of who you've been taught to be and expressing and embodying who you want to be.

Your soul's work is the work that you believe you are here to do in the world. The work that you are doing in your business. Your soul's work may be to be healer, artist, writer, mentor, coach, guide, speaker, facilitator or teacher - or a combination of them all! Doing your soul's work means being able to commune intimately with the soul of your business so you can birth the offerings that only you are here to offer.

5. Do you offer payment plans for this mentorship?

Yes, flexible payment plans are available upon request.

6. What is your cancellation and refund policy?

If you are considering this mentorship, I invite you to check in with yourself that you are committed to and capable of paying the total mentorship fees. However I understand that emergencies and unplanned events can happen, and so if that does occur you are free to cancel without paying any fees for future sessions that have not been used. In all cases, mentorship fees which have already been paid are non-refundable.

7. Will I receive recordings of our mentoring calls?

Yes, all mentoring calls are recorded and shared with you.

8. I'm interested in working with you, but I'm not sure if I'm ready for a 4-month commitment?

I understand. The Wild Mystic Woman Mentorship is for women who are ready and capable of committing to a longer term program. If this is not you right now, but you would still like to work with me, I invite you to enquire about the Truthwork Sessions through my contact form. This a deep 90 minute mentoring call to connect you to the wisdom of your business and help you set goals that bring you into greater alignment with your soul's work.

9. do you donate any of the profits you earn from the mentorship to charitable funds?

Yes, as a sacred activist I am devoted to doing work that not only serves me and my paying clients, but that also serves those in need around the world. For that reason, I periodically donate a percentage of my income to charities of my choice including The Malala Fund, the International Rescue Committee and Kiva, among others. 

10. How do I know if you are the right mentor for me?

I can't tell you if I'm the right mentor for you, which is why it's really important for us to have a Discovery Call first to chat and see if we are a good fit. If you'd like to learn more about me, my style, my values and my work I would recommend checking:

My highest values are Truth, Freedom, Sovereignty, Service, Creative Self-Expression and Spirituality.

If these are values of yours too, then we would be a very good fit. I am a deep-soul diving introvert, a highly sensitive person, a mama, a book addict and a woman on her own Heroine's Journey. I am not interested in perfection - mine or yours. I believe in showing up as our messy and glorious selves, and being unapologetic in our self-expression. And my work is to help us live and lead as the most powerful expression of our truest selves.

In making a final decision on whether you would like to work with me, I highly encourage you to go within and
listen to your own intuition. Trust your truth. If this mentorship is your next right step, you will know.

The Wild Mystic Woman Mentorship is currently booked out and closed for enrolment until 2018.

If you would like us to contact you when enrolment re-opens at the end of this year, please click the button below and send a request through the Contact form to be added to the 2018 mentorship waitlist. If you are interested in a single session, please note that I am currently offering single 90-minute Truthwork Sessions for spiritual & business mentoring.

If you would like to learn more about these sessions, you can also send a message by clicking the button below
and we'll email you back with all the details. 

About Your Mentor

layla saad is a writer, mentor & healer for women doing their soulwork and their soul's work.

Through her work, she helps women to more fully express and embody their Truth – both in their personal lives and their businesses. Layla’s work explores womanhood, spirituality, creativity, business, personal power and sacred activism.

Layla’s clients are women who crave a deeper connection to both their own soul and the soul of their business. She combines soulwork tools such as Divine Feminine archetypes, menstrual & lunar cycles, mystic poetry, tarot & oracle cards, ritual, shadowwork, sisterhood and energy healing, with her experience as a coach, writer and speaker to help women live and lead as the most powerful expression of their truest selves.

Layla is deeply devoted to Truth, the Heroine’s Journey, Divine Feminine spirituality, words as medicine and our individual and collective healing.

layla saad