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Your sisters are calling you.

Have you heard their call?

Those wild women who are exploring and embodying their intuitive selves. Those modern mystics who are discovering and defining their spiritual truths.

Those awakening priestesses, witches, healers, artists and sacred activists who are on the Heroine's Journey of coming back home to themselves, and the spiritual-entrepreneurial journey of growing a sacred business.

They are calling you. And me.

And women all around the world who are craving authentic connection, deep conversations, authentic presence and an intimate community who fiercely supports them on their journeys.

The Sovereign Sisterhood is a virtual temple  space and monthly membership community
where Wild Mystic Women are being called to gather and rise up.

anahi brown


"The Sovereign Sisterhood is this magical space where I can reach for holy and sacred healing energy whenever I need it. It's a true sisterhood where we're all growing and exploring as we go through our Heroine Journeys, each on our own. Layla creates a beautifully empowering space for us to explore life and our experience and grow mystically and authentically."

- Anahi Brown,

The Wild Mystic journey can often feel lonely. But sister, you don't have to walk it alone. 

The wild mystics have always been the outsiders.

The lone wolves. Those strange ones on the edge of society who never quite fit in with the status quo and are (more than a little!) devoted to their sacred work - both the inner and the outer.

For many of us, being Wild Mystic Women has been a lonely and brutiful (brutal + beautiful) journey.

We have experienced many Dark Nights Of The Soul, and been through innumerable powerful initiations on our spiritual journeys - often only sharing our challenges and breakthroughs with a handful of close confidantes.

But now the Divine Feminine is rising up all around the world.

She is rising up through Wild Mystic Women like you and me, who are on the path of exploring who we really are, and how we can show up as the fullest embodiment of our Divine essence.

And She is guiding us to return to sisterhood.

Because when we come together as sisters on similar paths, we create more magic than any of us could ever create alone. 

Through the Sisterhood, I am holding safe & sacred space for women to explore & embody their inner Wild Mystic Woman and to be supported on their spiritual-entrepreneurial journey.

    Fawzia Aldjazair


    "The Sisterhood has become a beautiful sacred space for me to be witnessed as I come home to myself. It's a safe space for me to bear it all, which has been a critical component in my transformation. You don't have to struggle, or navigate the valleys of your life alone. In this space, you are witnessed, held and supported. Welcome to this sacred sisterhood."

    - Fawzia Aldjazair,

    Your Membership Includes:

    a private facebook group

    A fiercely loving & supportive Facebook community where Wild Mystic Women gather everyday to share their journeys.

    the Temple Talks

    Monthly live talks with myself and bonus guest Temple Teachers on the spiritual-entrepreneurial journey. 

    the Oracle Hours

    Weekly FB group intuitive guidance session with tarot and oracle cards to answer the questions in your heart.

    Release and Reclaim (red).jpg

    group distance reiki

    Monthly distance reiki sent out to support you in releasing your fears and reclaim your truth & power

    the sovereign sisterhood is currently closed for enrolment and will re-open in october 2017.

    rachel murphy


    "The Sisterhood is a safe haven, a place of peace and acceptance, and a whole lot of love. Layla herself ignites creativity and passion - her inspiration reaches into lost places and brings the dead back to life. She is the Priestess that leads me into and through my shadow self in safety and strength - I have learned not to fear what is hard to face. I have found in the Sisterhood the deep connections and inspiration I've needed to carry me through some really difficult transitions - I am forever grateful to all the women in this group and especially to it's creator for my safe sanctuary."

    - Rachel Murphy,

    The Sovereign Sisterhood is here to:

    • Provide safe & sacred space for you to be witnessed in your vulnerability and strength on your journey
    • Inspire you to explore and show up in more of your wild mystic essence
    • Help you become more in tune with the rhythms of nature and the cycles of your journey
    • Encourage you to deepen into and powerfully share more of your sacred work with the world
    • Offer a way for you to connect to the Divine Feminine through sisterhood and ritual
    • Guide you to trust your truth and be led by your intuition
    • Awaken you to more of your truth - in life and business - and how you can embody it in ways that feel in full alignment
    • Nourish your mind, body & soul with inspiring ideas, deep conversations, wild mystic rituals and loving support

    The Sovereign Sisterhood is devoted to helping you live & lead as the most powerful expression of your truest self. 

    the sovereign sisterhood is currently closed for enrolment and will re-open in october 2017.

    pat romain


    "The Sisterhood is where I can show up raw & real and share my deep truths. I can always rely on Layla and my sisters to remind me of who I am and how I want to show up in the world. Layla has supported me in going after my desires by surrendering and allowing as opposed to pushing and pulling."

    - Pat Romain,

    violetta pleshakova


    "Pure, sacred, and real - this is what The Sovereign Sisterhood feels like. It has quickly become my favorite place on the Internet, and the only Facebook group I actively engage in. Why? Because it is a healing temple and a bullshit-free masks-off zone at the same time. Layla's work, writing, and support are the real deal, authenticity and integrity of that scale are rare to come by. This is Sisterhood in the truest sense of the word."

    - Violetta Pleshakova,

    malaika aleba


    "Layla is a powerful truth-teller and working with her inspires me to re-connect to my own truth and power. She shows up unapologetically herself and in so doing, creates the space for others to do the same. Being a part of the Sisterhood is helping me to learn to love myself with all my imperfections and to speak my truth, even when it’s difficult. Thank you, Layla!"

    - Malaika Aleba,

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Who is The Sovereign Sisterhood for?

    The Sovereign Sisterhood is for Wild Mystic Women who are craving sisterhood and support on their  journey. It is for women who are exploring their womanhood, spirituality, creativity, business, sacred activism and how they can live & lead as the most powerful expression of their truest selves. 

    2. Do I have to be an entrepreneur to join The Sovereign Sisterhood?

    No, absolutely not. Although my work talks a lot about the spiritual-entrepreneurial journey, I am also equally devoted to the heroine's journey - which is the journey of women healing from patriarchy and coming back home to their fullest selves. If you identify with the Wild Mystic Woman journey, The Sovereign Sisterhood is for you.

    3. How do I join The Sovereign Sisterhood?

    When you click the Enrol button you will be guided to PayPal to make your first month's payment and set up your monthly subscription. Within 24hrs of paying, you will be sent a welcome email to get set up in the Sisterhood. After that your membership fee will be automatically paid once a month.

    4. What happens after I enrol?

    After you enrol, you will receive access to our online membership portal, The Temple. You will also be given instructions on how to receive access to The Sovereign Sisterhood private Facebook group. 

    5. Are the Temple Talks recorded if I can't make the live calls?

    Yes they are. All past recordings are housed in the online membership portal, The Temple.

    6. Does The Sovereign Sisterhood include 1:1 mentoring?

    The Sovereign Sisterhood does not include 1:1 mentoring. However every week during our Oracle Hours, I share intuitive guidance to the best of my ability, for whatever may be on your heart. The Oracle Hours includes a tarot or oracle card reading to help you tune into the messages you need to hear as you move through the ascents and descents of your journey. 

    If you are interested in working with me 1:1, I invite you to check out the the Wild Mystic Woman Mentorship. Please note that all Sovereign Sisterhood members receive a 10% discount on my mentoring programs.

    7. I have quite a busy schedule and can only commit so much of my time. Do we have to complete any homework or workbooks in The Sovereign Sisterhood?

    No, there is absolutely no homework or required tasks to be completed. The Sovereign Sisterhood is a place to be nourished and supported. There is absolutely no obligation to join Temple Talks or take part in the weekly Oracle Hours if you do not have the capacity for them at this time. The Sisterhood exists to support you with wherever you are at on your journey right now.

    8. Can I cancel my membership at any time?

    Yes, membership can be cancelled at any time.

    9. Are paid membership fees refundable?

    No. Membership fees which have already been paid are not refundable.

    10. Due to certain personal life circumstances, the monthly membership fees are totally out of my budget. However I would really like to join The Sovereign Sisterhood. Do you offer scholarships or discounts?

    In order to make The Sovereign Sisterhood accessible to people who's life circumstances puts them on a very limited budget (e.g. single parents on a single income, or those currently receiving government welfare support), I offer the opportunity to apply for a 50% discount on monthly membership fees. If you feel this applies to you, please click here to apply. However, please note that this route is strictly for those who, for reasons not in their control, do not have the privilege of being able to earn an income or comfortably pay their fees through their business, their job or support from their partner.

    11. Do you donate any of the profits you earn from The Sovereign Sisterhood to charitable funds?

    Yes, as a sacred activist I am devoted to doing work that not only serves me and my paying clients, but that also serves those in need around the world. For that reason, I periodically donate a percentage of my income to charities of my choice including The Malala Fund, the International Rescue Committee and Kiva, among others. 

    12. The Sovereign Sisterhood is really calling to me, but I don't know if I'm truly a Wild Mystic Woman or if I'm ready for this?

    Firstly, if my work resonates with you at all then yes - you are a Wild Mystic Woman. You don't need to be a priestess or a psychic to fall into this category. Whether you are just at the start of your awakening journey, or you've been a Wild Mystic your whole life, The Sovereign Sisterhood exists to serve you. When it comes to the question of feeling ready to join, you must do what every Wild Mystic Woman does, and that is to trust your intuition. If and when you are ready to join The Sovereign Sisterhood, you will know. Keep trusting your own truth.

    We'll be ready to welcome you with open arms whenever the time is divinely right for you to join us.

    the sovereign sisterhood is currently closed for enrolment and will re-open in october 2017.

    About Your Mentor

    layla saad is a writer, mentor & healer for women doing their soulwork and their soul's work.

    Through her work, she helps women to more fully express and embody their Truth – both in their personal lives and their businesses. Layla’s work explores womanhood, spirituality, creativity, business, personal power and sacred activism.

    Layla’s clients are women who crave a deeper connection to both their own soul and the soul of their business. She combines soulwork tools such as Divine Feminine archetypes, menstrual & lunar cycles, mystic poetry, tarot & oracle cards, ritual, shadowwork, sisterhood and energy healing, with her experience as a coach, writer and speaker to help women live and lead as the most powerful expression of their truest selves.

    Layla is deeply devoted to Truth, the Heroine’s Journey, Divine Feminine spirituality, words as medicine and our individual and collective healing.

    layla saad