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lizzie swartz

"Layla is a revolutionary, a visionary queen, and a breath of fresh air. Her approach to running a sacred business embodies feminine process without apology, while simultaneously making the creative mess of this approach seem manageable. The energy she brings to her work is so full of love and integrity, that when you're around her, you're inspired to run your business and life in the same way. Layla embodies what she teaches, and I highly recommend her work to the wild, mystic woman seeking a sovereign life."
- Lizzie Swartz,


hillary rain

"Layla Saad is the luminous embodiment of wisdom. For women like me who choose to live the wild-mystic way—with intention and true, soulful alignment with our deepest values—her sacred truth-telling offers life-giving sustenance. I am deeply grateful to Layla—not only for her encouragement and guidance, but also for her courage and vision to help women connect to their divine feminine wisdom as they create businesses with soul. She is a queen of truth, and has immeasurably blessed my life with her grace."

- Hillary Rain,

sarah la rosa

"There's an abundance of feel-good language out there. There are gurus, guides, coaches and mentors who will offer up all the right words, all the catchy phrases, the cutting-edge personal growth trends. Then there's Layla Saad. This woman goes tearing through the ground floor of your excuses, breaking through the cement and reaching for the deep underneath of you from word ONE. Her super power is revealing the sovereignty you've hidden from yourself. Get ready."

- Sarah La Rosa,

mckenzie zajonc

"Layla has helped me not only come home to the soul of my business, but to my highest self - and I can say with every bone in my body, that has been priceless. Because what Layla helps you with is how to get out of your head and into your heart and your body. She isn't the typical coach where it's all strategy and cognitive growth. She is heart-centered and soul-centered. I feel like most of our sessions I've walked away feeling as if I'd just worked with an intuitive guide for my business - leaving me more embodied and empowered to take the next steps with excitement and purpose (not out of obligation or "should's"). If you have the honor to work with Layla you are in a world of good fortune. Get ready to step into your power and do what you're meant to do!"

- McKenzie Zajonc,

Rachel Shillcock BW.jpg

“Layla is incredible at finding that fire inside of you that you didn't even realise you held - and motivating and inspiring you to achieve what you may otherwise only dream about. Whatever the complexities or fears are that I hold, Layla sees straight into my soul and understands exactly what I want to do and why I feel the need to do it. Her advice is always tailored perfectly to what I need to hear at any time, giving me total clarity and confidence on the next moves to make. I couldn't ask for anything better!”

- Rachel Shillcock,

lily ayre

"Working with Layla was a dream from the moment I discovered her. Having been resistant to business but knowing I had a higher calling that was demanding I embrace the world of entreprenuership, Layla lovingly held my hand and shone light in the dark places I was resistant to exploring. She helped me address the nitty gritty masculine aspects of running an online business; guiding me to create a range of services that fully reflect my abilities and talents; with structures that were easy to understand and implement, alongside the flexibility to modify them to suit my own energy and way of being. My business is becoming more soulfully and authentically aligned, attracting clients I love to work with so I always look forward to working days. I am deeply grateful for the support and encouragement Layla gave and the clarity that came through our work together."

- Lily Ayre,

kris emery

"Out of this world and deeply transformational - that's how I'd describe my journey with Layla. Being pretty self-aware, I've had mixed success with coaches in the past and had heard a lot of the same old same old messages before. I was not looking for someone to 'call me on my bullshit' or 'give me a loving smackdown', then pull out an exercise or advice from their bag of tricks. I needed someone who would get it, talk to me woman to woman, and not patronise me with the latest buzzy phrases and pseudo-soulful business coaching. Well, my God, did Layla bring it. Layla saw right into me, spoke to me in a truthful, real, down-to-earth manner, and pressed me to go deeper into questions I'd been avoiding. The growth I experienced in that time wasn't always comfortable, but it was worth it and it was what I was looking for. You could not ask for a smarter, more switched on, dedicated coach than Layla. She is thoughtful, nurturing and hilarious! I've now got solid belief in myself, as Layla helped me overcome online opinion overload and get back to being me in my business - a sovereign decision-maker and leader. I can't recommend her work highly enough."

- Kris Emery,

maria ines fuenmayor

"Where do I begin? I think what best describes my time working with Layla is spiritual validation sessions. When I started working with her I was in the midsts of an internal battle, knowing that something needed to change and deep inside knowing what that was but not having the courage to DO IT. Then within the first session just by talking to her and having to thinl through tough questions, things starting pouring out of me. Things (as I said) I already knew and just seemed so simple and clear when I said it to her out loud. I am certain that as a result of our sessions I changed my direction to serve the people I wanted to serve and managed to be booked out for three months. I loooooooved working with Layla. She is a combination of best friend with tough love mama bear all rolled into one. If I could clone her and have in my pocket every day I would! Thanks Layla for reminding me that I have wings to fly as far as I dare!"

- Maria-Ines Fuenmayor,

maggie giele

"Layla is the perfect balance of loving support, expert opinion, and tough no-nonsense; and knows exactly when you need which one! Working with her was absolutely transformational. The personal and professional changes I've seen in just a few sessions have surpassed all my expectations. I'm so excited for the future of my business and can't wait to dive in to the next steps. I highly, highly recommend Layla to anyone looking to grow their business."

- Maggie Giele,

ozlem bel

“Layla truly delivers what she offers and more. She has a very beautiful, serene and supportive energy. She is superb at helping you see what is holding you back and formulating clear, actionable steps to move you forward in your business. After just one session with Layla, I have gained 3 new clients already! Thank you Layla, I’m so grateful you are doing your wonderful work in the world.” 

- Ozlem Bel,

anahi brown

"When I started Layla's program I thought I knew who I was and what I wanted as a coach. Turns out I wasn't too clear on many things... and that was amazing. With each week working together I allowed myself to discover who I was as a woman first and as a coach and healer next. Our journey helped me to realise my why and inspired me to commit to nothing but authenticity in my journey. This program gave me clearance to see what I wanted and confidence to move (at my own pace) to get it. To say I'm grateful is an understatement, Layla helped me own my career as me, she helped me unleash my greatness, unapologetically and truthfully, from my essence and not my ego. That's pretty awesome!"

- Anahi Brown,

kym seletto

“Layla leads like a true Queen, lifting those around her up and fostering a genuine sense of community and connection. Layla's approach to business and collaboration is an excellent example of how women can have such a powerful impact on the world as entrepreneurs when we support one another, and work from a place of integrity.”

- Kym Seletto,



"Layla is a beautiful gentle soul. She embodies allowing, non-resistance and radical self acceptance with unconditional compassion for herself and others. She has taught me to go with the current, go within and listen, and let my inner guidance be the way and the destination. She has embodied for me the journey of a woman reclaiming her sovereignty. She came into my life at the right time and I am so grateful for her."

- Fawzia Aldjazair,